Clinical Efficacy
Research about EASEE®

Effects of EASEE®

Responders-100-75-50-25255075100*0% seizure frequency reduction in month 6 of simulation vs. baseline* Outlier with >100% increase in seizure frequency

Patients benefit from a reduction in seizures

In the adjacent image, each bar represents a patient in the EASEE® II and PIMIDES I studies. All bars pointing to the left indicate seizure reduction. Bars pointing to the right represent patients who experienced an increase in their seizures in the first six months. Overall, a seizure reduction was achieved in 87.5% of all patients. The four lower bars represent patients who became seizure-free.

Key Messages

  • 53% responder rate (reduction of at least 50%)
  • Excellent tolerability
  • Stimulation imperceptible
  • System not visible from the outside

Median percent seizure reduction from baseline to stimulation in month 6RecoveryBaselineStimulationmonth 1Stimulationmonth 2Stimulationmonth 3Stimulationmonth 4Stimulationmonth 4Stimulationmonth 60-10-20-30-40-50-60


  • A median of 52% reduction in seizures after 6 months of stimulation
  • The effect becomes stronger over time
  • 4 patients remain seizure-free
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