The Innovation behind EASEE®


EASEE® sends electrical signals to the area in the brain where epileptic seizures originate. It stabilizes the brain without touching it.

Layer structure implant

EASEE® Placement

EASEE®: is located beneath the skin and acts directly at the focal point.

In a short procedure under general anesthesia, the ultra-thin electrode array is subgaleally implanted. The electrode cable is tunneled to the chest area, where it is connected to the pulse generator, which is also subcutaneously implanted.

Keyvisual EASEE®
EASEE® electrode front
EASEE® electrode back
thickness of EASEE® electrode
Size of EASEE® electode
Electrode Details

Ultra-thin implantable pseudo-Laplacian electrode

The innovative electrode arrangement enables focused brain stimulation without touching it.

A so-called Laplace electrode allows the creation of fields and currents perpendicular to the electrodes plane. In the EASEE® system, the outer ring-shaped electrode is replaced by four individual electrodes to adapt the alignment of the resulting electric field to spatially varying resistances. This allows significant currents to affect tissue on the brain's surface and in deeper structures, similar to more invasive procedures.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schulze-Bonhage
Prof. Dr. Andreas Schulze-Bonhage
Head of Department - Neurocenter University Hospital Freiburg
Since the electrode doesn't need to be inserted into the brain but is placed directly under the skin, there is no need to drill into the skull. Therefore, this form of treatment doesn't carry the risk associated with brain surgery, such as vascular injuries or infections
Michael Tittelbach
Michael Tittelbach
Chief Technical Officer, Precisis GmbH
The highly innovative EASEE® stimulation system is able to individually and precisely target and treat the epileptic focus in the brain permanently.
Modell der menschlichen Akupunkturpunkte

Stimulation with EASEE® is a forward-looking procedure that uses subcutaneous electrodes - outside of the skull under the skin.

EASEE® can be individually applied to all well-defined neocortical foci.

  • Effective seizure control
  • High-frequency pulses for interrupting emerging seizures
  • Direct current-like pulses for beneficial neuromodulation
  • the system is invisible from the outside
Scientific publications

Implantable pulse generator (IPG)

Strong stimulation paradigms.

Our IPG is complex in design. The groundbreaking innovation is based on the combination of two different stimulation patterns within an individualized design that includes a unique safety mechanism. EASEE® has been proven to be an effective treatment option through individualized stimulation.

UX & UI for a user-centred therapy

Neurologists and patients can adjust stimulation paradigms from outside

The patient-individual configuration of stimulation parameters have a strong impact on therapy success. Additionally, implant-side data can be used for additional diagnostic purposes. The patient-controlled stimulation (Access) is crucial for a patient-centred therapy.

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