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Leading neuroscientists see EASEE® as a real opportunity for patients with therapy-resistant focal epilepsies


The first minimally invasive brain pulse generator for focal epilepsy is on the market
Sub-scalp EEG (ssEEG) is a promising next-generation technology for investigating human neurophysiology
Motor symptoms duringt seizures can be prevented by patient-applied ictal transcranial focal cortex stimulation (FCS) A case study
Effect of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on cognitive performance in patients with refractory structural epilepsies
Antiepileptic effects of focal cortex stimulation (FCS) with the EASEE® system in pharmacoresistant focal epilepsy

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Scientific Articles about EASEE®

Refractory Epilepsy: Epicranial Stimulation Under Evaluation

For pharmacoresistant patients, the use of high-frequency stimulations and direct current application provides approaches to modulate the brain region generating focal epileptic seizures. A new method for seizure control.

Therapeutic Pillars in Refractory Epilepsy

When medications are not sufficiently effective in the treatment of epilepsy, stimulation techniques offer new possibilities. They differ in the invasiveness of the procedure and the focus of the stimulation.

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Information for Patients

In this flyer, your patients will find all the information they need to know about EASEE®.

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MRI Guidelines

For safe imaging of patients treated with the EASEE® System

  • EASEE® System component identification
  • Information for healthcare provider
  • Information for the patient
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