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The EASEE® innovation is seen as a real opportunity for epilepsy patients by leading neuroscientist. You can order selected publications here.

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Sub-scalp EEG (ssEEG) is a promising next-generation technology for investigating human neurophysiology

Motor symptoms duringt seizures can be prevented by patient-applied ictal transcranial focal cortex stimulation (FCS) A case study

Effect of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on cognitive performance in patients with refractory structural epilepsies

Antiepileptic effects of focal cortex stimulation (FCS) with the EASEE system in pharmacoresistant focal epilepsy

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Treatment-resistant epilepsy: epicranial stimulation in the trial phase
Treatment-resistant epilepsy: epicranial stimulation in the trial phase

For ‘pharmacoresistant’ patients, the use of high-frequency stimuli and direct current application represent potential access points for modulating the specific brain region that is generating epileptic seizures. This is a novel approach to seizure control.

Therapeutic principles for treatment-resistant epilepsy
Therapeutic principles for treatment-resistant epilepsy

When medications are insufficiently helpful for the treatment of epilepsy, stimulation techniques open up new possibilities. Such interventions differ in their degree of invasiveness and the focal specificity of the stimulation.

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  • Clinical Studies Demonstrate that Patients with Focal Epilepsies Benefit from the Technologically Innovative Therapy EASEE®

    Heidelberg, 4/29/2022Prof. Andreas Schulze-Bonhage, MD, Head of the Epilepsy Center at the University Hospital Freiburg, who is responsible for the multi-center study on the efficacy of EASEE®, presented the impressive results of the globally unparalleled procedure for the treatment of patients with focal epilepsies in […]

  • Minimally Invasive Epilepsy Treatment EASEE® Receives FDA Breakthrough Device Designation

    Heidelberg, 2/21/2022Heidelberg-based Precisis GmbH has received Breakthrough Device Designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its EASEE® brain stimulator. FDA’s breakthrough devices program classifies medical devices that have the potential to enable more effective treatment of life-threatening o […]

  • Precisis concludes funding round of €20 million for its bioelectric brain stimulation system

    Heidelberg, 10/21/2021Today, Precisis GmbH, based in Heidelberg, announced that it has successfully concluded a funding round of €20 million with Cochlear Limited. Precisis is a medical technology company that develops minimally invasive brain stimulation methods to relieve epilepsy patients from their symptoms.

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